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In order to maximize a property owner’s value in his property, it is necessary to build entitlements on property before selling. We offer an innovative program whereby we take the property through the entitlement process, allowing the property owner to sell their property for retail prices instead of wholesale prices. Entitlement Agreements can be structured in many different ways, and are the optimum vehicle for those who wish to maximize the potential of their investment.



Quite often property owners or developers have the knowledge and capital to develop their own project, but need a local influence to help them through the maze of necessary approvals, local customs and peculiarities, and assist in gauging reactions and input. Having long-time ties in San Joaquin and Contra Costa Counties, we have had outstanding success in helping absentee developers and property owners "get their foot in the door” and process their projects effectively.



After the site is selected and the property is purchased, the difficult work begins. We can help any property owner, from the mom and pop retailer to the large industrial user, process the development and construction of their project. We can assist in getting the necessary permits and approvals from all governmental departments and agencies.



Often the building you need to run your business is simply not available in a desirable location. With our build-to-suit program, we can put together the right building at the right location, built to your specifications. We can also arrange financing to make your move as easy as possible.



If you are developing multiple projects, or your business is not the permitting and construction of a project, we can provide project management services to get you project permitted and built as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  We can handle hiring and managing of all design consultants, bidding, billing and commissioning of your project.

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