Development/Consulting Services
Often times, due to a variety of reasons, a sale just is not the answer, or in some cases, is just the beginning. This is when the development and consulting services of Souza Realty & Development are beneficial.

Real Estate Services
Souza Realty & Development provides a variety of real estate services.

Valuation Services
Having extensive dealings in land for many years, we have become proficient determining property values. When you need to determine the value of your property, the valuation services of Souza Realty & Development can help.

Development/Consulting Services

Entitlement Agreements

In order to maximize a property owner’s value in his property, it is necessary to build entitlements on property before selling. We offer an innovative program whereby we take the property through the entitlement process, allowing the property owner to sell their property for retail prices instead of wholesale prices.  Entitlement Agreements can be structured in many different ways, and are the optimum vehicle for those who wish to maximize the potential of their investment.

Development Consulting
Quite often property owners or developers have the knowledge and capital to develop their own project, but need a local influence to help them through the maze of necessary approvals, local customs and peculiarities, and assist in gauging reactions and input. Having long-time ties in San Joaquin and Contra Costa Counties, we have had outstanding success in helping absentee developers and property owners "get their foot in the door", and process their projects effectively.

After the site is selected and the property is purchased, the difficult work begins. We can help any property owner, from the mom and pop retailer to the large industrial user, process the development and construction of their project. We can assist in getting the necessary permits and approvals from all governmental departments and agencies.

Often the building you need to run your business is simply not available in a desirable location. With our build-to-suit program, we can put together the right building at the right location, built to your specifications. We can also arrange financing to make your move as easy as possible.

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Real Estate Services

Farm and Ranch Sales and Purchases
Through years of farming and ranching we have developed a knowledge of sale and purchases of farm and ranch land second to none. We have the customer base to effectively and quickly sell your land, or help you to find that ranch you have always been looking for.

Coservation Land Sales and Purchases
Whether you are a private landowner looking for a willing buyer or a public agency or private foundation looking to fulfill mitigations or mission, we can provide invaluable assistance in the purchase or sale of land for conservation purposes.  Our extensive relationships with potential conservation buyers and our knowledge of property ownership and characteristics allow us to quickly and effectively sell your land, or locate the type of land you need to conserve.

Conservation Easement Sales and Purchases
Landowners sometimes consider conservation easements as a viable alternative to generate cash and still retain ownership of their property.  Developers many times require mitigation land for their projects and can struggle trying to find the right property.  We can help make the connection.  In addition to our experience in creating and selling conservation easements, we have cultivated extensive relationships in the biological and regulatory communities in order to provide our clients the best potential for successful conservation easement transactions.

Real Estate Investment
If you need a long term investment with a stable return that is well sheltered with depreciation, we can help you find an investment property that meets you needs.

Coming out of that big sale you often have large amounts of capital that must be sheltered. A good way to do this is to exchange your land for other real estate. We have the knowledge and experience to work with your facilitator and find you a replacement property to complete your exchange.

Transitional and Development Land Sales and Purchases
Over the years we have made extensive contacts with property owners and developers, providing us with resources to sell your land, be it transitional land or finished lots, quickly and effectively. Financing large sales such as these can often be difficult, but we have experience in structuring creative transactions that can address the needs of all the parties involved.

Locating and placing the right tenant in an income producing property is the key to a successful investment.  We have extensive experience in leasing farms, ranches, retail, office or industrial real estate.  Whether you are a property owner looking for a tenant or a business looking for a location, our team can match the right user to the right property.

Commercial Construction

We have one of the finest commercial real estate consulting groups available. We can assist in all phases of your commercial real estate needs. Whether you are an investor, tenant, or user-owner, our commercial department can help. From finding a location to the actual occupancy, we can do it all.

Property Management
Many times an investment property becomes a poor performer due to management neglect. We have the know-how to get a property turned around; to improve its financial performance through lease improvements, physical alterations, or both.

Often landowners are subjected to public agencies purchasing their land for the public good through Eminent Domain. We have experience in condemnation consulting and negotiations--the knowledge that can help you obtain the fair market value of your land.


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Valuation Services

Opinion of Value
For many different reasons, whether it is to determine a lease value, discuss assessments with the assessor or to satisfy one’s own curiosity, a quick estimate of value is necessary. We offer a service whereby we will give you an opinion of value based on a short survey of comparable sales and our knowledge of the real estate markets.

Valuation Estimates
Often an opinion of value is not complete and thorough enough to satisfy the needs of the client. In these cases, we can perform complete valuation estimates. Our valuation estimates look at a broad range of comparable sales, and determine value based on the three approaches to valuation.

Expert Witness Services
Court appearances and knowledge of the real estate markets have given us the credibility and expertise to effectively substantiate the value of your property in a legal action. Through our own holdings and representation of clients, we have become proficient in providing valuation and expert witness services for any court proceedings, especially condemnation cases.

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